Can we vote our way out of this?

Do you resent the United States government?
The problem is the system. The problem is the constitution. It was not written to support the size of country we have. It gives equal weight to Rhode Island that they do to California in the senate despite the fact one has 40x the amount of people. We need to reconfigure the senate to support power proportionate to the people the senators represent, we need to add ranked voting and abolish/reconfigure the electoral college. Without those things, we are locked into a two party system (without ranked voting, a third party just waters down the votes and allows candidates to be elected by a minority block against the will of most voters), we are also locked into a system that does not represent the will of Americans. If you’re in California, your voice in the senate is worth 1/40th of what a Rhode Islander’s is worth. That is not fair. It is a crime.
All voices should matter equally.
Without these changes, we’ll continue to fail as a country, and people with bad motives will be able to exploit our broken system to seize and keep power and wealth.
We must press for a better system that better represents the will of the people.

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