Capitalism feeds off of tears.

I worked for a beloved company in a rural region of the mid-west. This was a company that invested heavily in the community and provided high paying jobs to locals, often without needing formal higher education. They donated millions to rebuild local landmarks. Due to their success, the company was essentially printing money and became very inefficient and generous with their finances.
I had a friend in IT who did freelance for one of the vendors. It was a simple scam – The company paid an outrageous fee to the vendor for a digital service. The vendor would take their cut and then pass the project on to my friend in IT. My friend would then do the project, on the clock at the company AND as a consultant for the vendor, and double dip – collecting payment from each. He was never caught, and left his position for another opportunity without the scam ever coming to light.
Shortly after, an investment firm bought the company for stock valuation, liquidated the assets, fired all the executives, and then stopped producing or sending product to customers. They stole millions of dollars and bankrupt the company, costing hundreds their jobs. The investors then snuck off with no consequences.
Everyone got rich except the honest people who just did their jobs with integrity. Those people lost their careers, had their paychecks bounce, and ended up on unemployment.

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